Tapestry and Beyond Study Group

The Tapestry and Beyond Study Group meets on the first Saturday of the month after our general program at noon.
The intention of this study group is to play and explore different weaving/tapestry techniques and embellishments. There are no rules. It can be all play or the members can follow the lessons from one of the many wonderful Basic Tapestry Books.
Materials again, anything that can be woven into a warp, paper, plastic bags, thread, cord, yarn of course, beads, buttons. Your imagination is the limit. Looms can be a cardboard sheet, box, stretcher bar frame or a loom that was designed specifically for tapestry, or anything that will keep your warp taut
Remember Show and Tell, it is always fun to see what we did 10, 20, 30, or more years ago.
Mary Conti
  • 2012 Kumihimo Lesson