Upcoming Program: November 2 – Aimee Leon, Artist, Shearer, Scholar

I sure hope to see you this Saturday for our November meeting. We will have a great speaker, Aimee Leon. She is a very interesting and well-traveled artist and sheep shearer and will tell us about the global status of the wool market, preserving traditions, and adventures she has encountered traveling the Shetlands, Faroe Islands and Sweden this Summer. Here is Aimee’s website for more information: http://www.aimeeleon.com.
Daytime Spinners will provide snacks and goodies. The Tapestry Weavers will meet after the general meeting/program is over (shortly after noon).
Also, please bring your donations for the December Silent Auction if you have them ready. This will give the auction team a head start. Download the auction form here.

AZ State Fair Contest Entry Deadline Coming Up Fast!

The deadline for entering your beautiful handmade items into the Arizona State Fair is September 4th.

The online entry book is available at http://www.azstatefair.com/sites/default/files/comp_13/comp_HA_sewing_13.pdf. You can print out the form and mail it with check (postmarked no later than September 4) or use the online registration and a credit card.

Mailling address: 1826 W. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85007

Online registration link: http://azsf.fairmanager.com/

General info page: http://www.azstatefair.com/competitive-entries.

The items are due at the Fair on Fri. Sept. 20th or Sat. Sept. 21st anytime between 8am and 6pm. We will be located in the old white Home Arts building at the south end of the Fairgrounds. That’s where we were last year.

Good Luck!!!!



Upcoming Program – Colorful Traditional Textiles of India, Printed, Dyed, Embroidered, Past and Present

Join us March 2 at 10 AM at the Northtown Community for a fun and educational program about the textiles of India past and present with Elsa Sreenivasam.

Elsa Sreenivasam comes from Minnesota with an undergraduate degree from St. Scholstica, Duluth and graduate degree/courses from the University of Minnesota and the University of Wisconsin. She was Art Professor both at U of KS where she taught Textile Surface Design and also founded and was the first president of the National Surface Design Association, and at Iowa State University where she received 2 Fulbright and other research grants to study Ancient Traditional Regional Textile Printing and Dyeing still in existence in India.

During her studies in India, she collected outstanding old and new examples of the diversity and richness of the textiles of India. She will bring samples for us.