Upcoming Program: Betz Frederick’s Fiber Adventures in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia

During her recent trip to Asia, Betz tried to visit as many fiber related places as possible, including silk making and traditional textiles in Vietnam, paper making, and natural dyeing. She wove on a traditional pattern loom in Laos, observed weaving by the Long Neck Karen group from Myanmar seen in Thailand, and Ikat weaving in Cambodia. For our next meeting on November 1st, Betz will present a slide show of her trip and bring examples of textiles that she brought back with her.

The meeting starts at 10 am, but doors open at 9, come early and mingle!
Daytime Spinners will provide snacks and treats.

Upcoming Program: Laverne Waddington – Backstrap Weaver

Here’s to the start of a new season and our first general meeting on October 4th! Our speaker will be Laverne Waddington, expert backstrap weaver (Her website: Backstrap Weaving). We’ll start with the business to get that out of the way, then Laverne will be able to take her time with her program.

The meeting starts at 10 am, but doors open at 9, come a bit early and mingle!
Board members will provide snacks and treats.

There will be a board meeting after the meeting concludes.


Weaving Study Group Meeting on Wednesday, July 9th

Our Desert Weavers weaving study group meets again this Wednesday, July 9th at 10 am at Northtown Community Center.  Dave will demonstrate design techniques for your weavings, and Jan will demonstrate reading and writing patterns. There will be handouts for both demonstrations. Please bring your loom to weave on after the demos. Also bring items you wove to show the group. Please RSVP Dave at davidjetea@yahoo.com.

Upcoming Programs – Daytime Spinners and Workshops Show and Tell on May 3rd

The last meeting of our season is around the corner! As usual, the Daytime Spinners will show us what they’ve been up to all year – and hopefully we’ll also get to see some of the awesome work from the Tapestry Weavers. Anybody who has attended workshops in 2013/14 is invited to bring samples and share their experiences.

This is a Potluck Event, everybody gets to bring treats and snacks!

The meeting starts at 10 am, but doors open at 9, so come early and mingle!

There will be a board meeting after the meeting concludes.

Upcoming Program: November 2 – Aimee Leon, Artist, Shearer, Scholar

I sure hope to see you this Saturday for our November meeting. We will have a great speaker, Aimee Leon. She is a very interesting and well-traveled artist and sheep shearer and will tell us about the global status of the wool market, preserving traditions, and adventures she has encountered traveling the Shetlands, Faroe Islands and Sweden this Summer. Here is Aimee’s website for more information: http://www.aimeeleon.com.
Daytime Spinners will provide snacks and goodies. The Tapestry Weavers will meet after the general meeting/program is over (shortly after noon).
Also, please bring your donations for the December Silent Auction if you have them ready. This will give the auction team a head start. Download the auction form here.